Res, a matter.

I started a small tour with the Xth Sense system.
The first event I was invited to was the ImagineCreate Festival, in Derry, Northern Ireland. ImagineCreate is “a digital arts festival which brings together a world-class line-up of talents and minds from the worlds of art, design, new media and software development.”
I gave a talk about the Xth Sense and biophysical music within a presentation titled “Performance and Pure Data” in collaboration with Richard Graham.

Here’s a short video excerpt of the showcase captured by James Alliban.

It was quite good to take part in the event as I’ve received some very good feedback and suggestions. Among the other invited speakers there were (the above mentioned) Richard Graham, James Alliban, Alex Beim (Tangible Interaction), John Crooks, Gregory Taylor (Cycling ’74) and Brendan McCloskey. A full list of speakers is available on-line.

Many interesting issues were raised after my talk so I added some items to my todo list.
First, I plan to implement a tracking of muscle sounds contour. This way I could deploy the contour as dynamic curve for data mapping, obtaining different results than with a preset curve, such as a logarithmic or exponential one.
Secondly, I could compare the incoming data of each arm passing them to a discrete function; the resulting value would represent the ratio between the energy applied to the arms. It might also be interesting to track rest intervals over long period of time.