Res, a matter.

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The Linux Audio Conference (LAC2011) was held at NUI, National University of Ireland in Maynooth in the beginning of May.
My paper “Xth Sense: researching muscle sounds for an experimental paradigm of musical performance” and a related performance “Music for Flesh II” were both selected for the conference.
So far, the LAC has been one of the best conferences I took part in, both for the diverse and top-notch quality content offered, and for the easiness of social networking. A great place to be, indeed.

Thanks go to Victor Lazzarini, John Lato, Frank Neumann, Robin Gareus, Rory Walsh and all the NUI and team. All presentations were streamed live and recorded. Definitely a great and valuable effort.
If you missed the event, make sure to check the program on-line, you will find an impressive source of ideas, knowledge and technical insights.
Here’s a complete video recording of my talk; an in-depth presentation of earlier methods and findings on the Xth Sense and muscle sounds.
The slides used in this presentation are also available for download at the LAC website.
All material is CC licensed, see the LAC website for detailed information.

Drawing from the stimulating conversations we all had in Maynooth I could extract some more ideas around muscle sounds. Above all some friends made me realized that I still didn’t analyzed in depth muscle sounds as for FFT and detailed frequency responses; although FFT has not proved effective, some statistical documentation about the sonic matter I’m working with could possibly disclose new insights.
Besides, a colleague working in the field of Biomedical Engineering reminded me that human body is composed of two different muscles, namely short and long muscle. Whereas long muscles are used for slow and light contractions, short muscles handle faster and stronger contractions. This observation might be useful while planning the location of four sensors on the performer’s body. I still couldn’t try this myself, but this is one of the next ideas I would like to actualize this year.