Res, a matter.

Xth Sense (TM) Wireless Prototype

Xth Sense. Open biotechnologies for the people.

Today, we can track all kinds of data from the body.

But the body is not only data.
It’s vibration.
It’s physical.
It’s about ‘resonance’ and shared human experience.

We are passionate about sound.
We are passionate about the expressivity of our bodies.
We are passionate about free and open knowledge.

That’s why we keep making biotechnology for the people.

We have come a long way since the creation of the very first Xth Sense in early 2011. The Xth Sense had started as an individual project, and now, after almost 4 years of development, artistic creations and achievements, the Xth Sense has become a unique collective vision of the relation that ties our bodies and our technologies.

We are founding a company to make this vision become real. The new Xth Sense Wireless will be open source (both hardware and software), and all our next creation will be as well. This is because we believe that by sharing knowledge transparently we can all contribute to something greater than our individual ideas. In line with our open source ethics, we want to choose the name of this next venture together with our community!

What do you think is the best name to represent our vision?

    Only if you wish to be contacted regarding the name you proposed