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Biotechnological Performance Practice

2012 | A curated publication with essays by key contributors to the field of performance and biotechnology

  • Stelarc - Third Arm
  • Atau Tanaka - Biomuse
  • Marco Donnarumma - Xth Sense / Hypo Chrysos

“Biotechnological Performance Practice” is the first comprehensive publication of writings and essays focusing on performance artists and musicians using biological technology. Curated and edited by performer and writer Marco Donnarumma with chief editor jef chippewa, it features essays by key contributors to the field, including Stelarc, Atau Tanaka, and the Biomuse Trio.

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“Biological technologies are computational systems driven by physiological and corporeal processes of the body. Endogenous mechanisms that would otherwise be imperceptible become manifest in the form of data. But data alone is not music. Composers and performers need to escape a mere scientific analysis to deliver successful musical strategies. The field of biotechnological music performance is presented here through a set of fascinating articles describing heterogeneous methodologies and idiosyncratic musical ideas.

Notwithstanding four decades of research, this field had remained somewhat loose so far. Although the common literature includes several publications and papers, the field has suffered a subtle fragmentation. Having dedicated most of my recent work and passion to this field I cannot deny my excitement about having been invited to be Guest Editor for this issue of eContact! To present what, to the best of our knowledge, represents the first publication encompassing all fields of biotechnological performance practice is rather thrilling. I hope this volume will be a first step towards the confluence of diverse biotechnological music studies into a unified research field, and I wish to thank all our contributors and staff who relentlessly worked for this long-needed contribution to knowledge.”

Marco Donnarumma

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14.2 — Biotechnological Performance Practice /
Pratiques de performance biotechnologique

Published in July 2012 | Publié en juillet 2012
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